Abigail Gray


Benjamin Luce

Abigail Gray and Benjamin Luce

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Our Story

Ben was born in Cranbrook, a small town at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. At the age of seven, he moved with his family to Ellensburg, Washington. Ben spent his school years focused on baseball, football, and basketball; on his weekends, he and his brother would tag along on electrician jobs and hunting trips with their dad. After high school, Ben studied physics and engineering at Central Washington. His pursuit of a graduate degree brought him to Washington State University in Pullman.

Abby was born in Shoreline, a suburb north of Seattle. She spent lots of time with her siblings by the beach or on hikes, and would fly with them to Fairbanks, Alaska to see her paternal grandparents. She would also join her biking-crazed dad on long distance rides, including the Seattle to Portland ride twice. Following her high school graduation, Abby committed to WSU's nursing program in Pullman and started her nursing pre-requisite courses.

On a fateful Friday morning in September, Ben and Abby went to the Rec Center at the same time, ending up at two machines positioned uncannily close to each other. They struck up a conversation and bonded over a mutual love of weightlifting and breakfast. After some persistence on Ben's part, Abby agreed to brunch in the neighboring town of Moscow, Idaho. The day following their date they texted throughout the day, and haven't missed a day of talking since. After a year and a half together, Abby moved to Denver for her nursing program; Ben left Pullman soon after for a Boise, Idaho engineering job (and the hunting, which he would later admit). Ben and Abby did long distance, making the most of it by seeing all the Coloradan bucket list items they could cram into a weekend. After two years and a Bachelor's in Nursing under her belt--tired of Denver winters with a front-wheel drive vehicle--Abby joined Ben in Idaho. The summer following that move, on a drive up to Spokane for a concert, Ben and Abby were passing through Moscow. On the same bench they sat at four years previously, talking and waiting for their restaurant pager to go off, Ben proposed.
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